We offer a wide range of air louvers like air conditioning louvers, gravity louvers, aluminum louver, exterior louver, natural aluminum louver, that are used for carrying air from exterior to air in air conditioning, ventilating and heating systems. Available with standardized finishes, these air louvers can be customized as per the specifications of our clients. We are looking for queries from Chennaipattanam, Chennai or Madras, Kanchipuram and Tiruvallur.


Application:     Air supply or air return between 2.6 mtrs. and 4.0 mtrs. High in Air-conditioning, ventilating and heating systems. 

Mounting:     Overlapped in false ceiling by means of hidden fixing systems or by means of visible screws on the flanges. 

Implementation:     Extruded aluminium construction. Ideally designed for ceiling installation. High diffusion rates leading to rapid temperature and velocity equalization. Our gravity louvers are efficient and draft free horizontal air flow pattern. Frame with flat frontal face of 30mm and 45 degree angled center blades assembly made of aluminium. Gravity louvers available in one way or two way, all standard and non-standard sizes. 


Application     Air supply or air return between 2.6 mtrs and 4.0 mtrs. High in Air-conditioning, ventilating and heating systems. Useful in modular ceiling applications where a ceiling tile can be replaced by a diffuser of any neck size. 

    Replacing a false ceiling tile, fixing by means of hidden fixing systems or directly on the plenum boxes. 

    Our aluminum louver is an extrude aluminum construction. Designed to discharge large volumes of air in all four directions with minimum pressure drop and low sound level. External frame with flat 75mm frontal face and inclined in internal cores. Center cores assembly removable type can be removed for easy cleaning purpose and for concealed fixing as well as for damper operation. For Armstrong tile ceiling flush model Armstrong diffuser can be used. Tegular diffusers having step in the border also available for gypsum board modular ceiling. 

    Standard outer size of 595 x 595 mm only with all standard neck sizes are available. Both flush type and step down models of aluminum louver are also available.

Neck Size 150 225 300 375 450
Outer Size 595 595 595 595 595

Standard Finishes
    Natural aluminum, anodized or powder coated in standard RAL white colours.


Application:      Square swirl diffuser with individually adjustable vanes to be used from 2.6 mtrs. to 4.0 mtrs. high in Air-conditioning, ventilating and heating system.

Mounting     Overlapped in false ceiling by means of hidden fixing systems or directly replacing the false ceiling tile as well as directly in the plenum boxes. 

    High quality aluminum sheet construction slots punched in a radial layout with individually adjustable black plastic vanes on rear side. Available in standard sizes to fix with plenum boxes. Ensures a swift reduction temperature and flow velocity by means of swirling discharge and the addition of induction air, excellent performance that eliminated drafts and stratification. Rapid entrainment and intermixing capabilities. 

Standard Finishes
    Available in natural aluminum, anodized or powder coated in standard RAL white colors.

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